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Testing out the naked yoga experience

For me this is about experiencing non-sexual male intimacy,” Taylor says to me in the thankfully warm studio. “That said, if you – or if I – get an erection, it’s really no big deal, those things can happen.”

People do yoga for many reasons, some for the serenity, others for a workout. As it’s grown in popularity, dozens of new practices have emerged, building upon – and diverging from – the ancient practice. Now Taylor brings to Monterey a form of yoga to help people push boundaries and get comfortable in their own skin.

Source : Monterey County Weekly http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/news/cover_collections/testing-out-the-naked-yoga-experience/article_4c06726c-bfb9-11e5-9cf9-3baea04c9267.html

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