Facebook Censorship: The Battle for Free Speech (Or At Least Equality)

Herein lies the beginnings of a double standard.

Fig 2
Fig 2

It is widely understood that this meme (fig 2) was flagged by FB as it depicts a woman who is partially naked. She was photographed standing next to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (albeit, before he became Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister). This was a newsworthy event and was covered by several media outlets.

But FB banned it, it was flagged as offensive content because it did contain nudity and was reported to FB by one or more users.

Fair enough FB.

Fig 3
Fig 3

But now enter double standard. This next image (fig 3) was taken at a Toronto Pride Parade. With genitalia exposed, this image was never flagged as inappropriate.

Why is a bare breasted woman not okay, but a display of penises is fine?

To clarify, displaying a penis if one is Gay is okay. If a straight male tried that, odds are the police would be knocking on the door; FB jail would be the least of all worries.

Both photos were taken at Pride Parades attended by various politicians and public figures. Both images showcase nudity.

Source: Facebook Censorship: The Battle for Free Speech (Or At Least Equality)

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