“Free The Nipple” New Hampshire Backfires As I Dreaded.

So let me try to explain AGAIN as to why I feared this would happen and why that put me at odds with those that thought they were onto a good thing.CURRENTLY New Hampshire, like most other States, do NOT have any State-level laws precluding toplessness.So the female nipple was and still is FREE (bar some silly, unenforceable local ordinances, e.g., Gilford beach).When the New Hampshire ‘Free The Nipple‘ movement came to be WE did NOT know that there were NO State Laws against toplessness. We assumed that there must be.Then we FOUND OUT.

Source: “Free The Nipple” New Hampshire Backfires As I Dreaded.

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6 thoughts on ““Free The Nipple” New Hampshire Backfires As I Dreaded.”

  1. This is why I have so much respect for how Gingerbread goes about her work in topfreedom. She thoroughly researches FIRST.

    1. Knowing context is worthwhile effort to maximize effectiveness

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    One always needs to be careful of what they ask for !!

  3. Lowell Barnes says:

    I think a right that you have to keep quiet and inconspicuous about is not really a right at all. We need to keep pushing for our rights. The time is now, not gradually!

    1. Interesting thought I wonder if that was the writers intent?

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