YNA – How the Canadian Media Undermines Topfreedom Equality For Women

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Media and Topfreedom Rights

Do you imagine you will see a Democratic or Republican candidate marching in a Pride Parade or pictured near any topfree women? In Canada, we also have government-provided health care, a high minimum wage and nasty weather many months of the year. Pluses and minuses of living in the Great White North! Fortunately, we get a few months of nice warm summer weather every year that lend well to topfreedom.

Where most Canadian media is actually positive and supportive of Trudeau’s presence at the parade and in these pictures, some articles treat this as more of a joke and some say it was a political mistake.

The troubling thing about this whole incident is the treatment of topfreedom in the Canadian media. Where it is legal for both men and women to be topfree in public, apparently it is not so in the media. The Toronto Star pixelated the woman’s breasts, Chatelaine reduced the woman to a cartoon and the National Post cropped the picture just below the neck. In the Chatelaine article it claimed “we’ve illustrated the woman to maintain her privacy.” The woman chose to be topfree in public. This was not a private statement for her. I am sure she would not have wanted her brave demonstration of her freedom replaced with a cartoon illustration.

Source : YNA https://youngnaturistsamerica.com/topfreedom-canadian-media-justin-trudeau/

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