This is not me being prude. It is absurd and ridiculous to blame me for your inappropriate behavior. For those of you that tell me it isn’t a big deal, that it is my problem, and that I should just block them and move on… NO. It is a big deal. I mean the problem… not the penis.

This isn’t really even ABOUT the penis. It’s a body part. I don’t really give a crap if you have one or what it looks like.

What it is about is RESPECT!

What happened to CONSENT?!?!

Society has gotten to the point that we don’t deal with inappropriate behavior. We say things like it’s a free country, it isn’t really hurting anyone, or someone else will deal with it. Or maybe we are too embarrassed to acknowledge the behavior. Important boundaries are being erased and we are letting it happen.


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2 thoughts on “I DON’T WANT DICK FROM YOU”

  1. moniquasexton avatar Moniqua says:

    Love this. I agree. I don’t care about the penis it’s just the fact that I didn’t ask you to send it. That’s sexual harassment. Love your posts btw!

    1. Thanks for adding a woman’s perspective and for the feedback

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