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  1. Some really great and interesting questions raised in this piece. I do appreciate that the writer is specific in the questions…. for example, the question of living nude at home, the question of working nude, the question of dress code period when it comes to work (and questions around non discrimination with regard to ones choice of clothing and, therefore, the choose to wear clothing at all, as I wouldn’t have thought of that even). I think it important here the question of this particular case where the worker is, it sounds like, an independent contractor who works on roofs. So, they are, therefore, hired by someone to do work on that home. Perhaps dress code (and, therefore, the question of clothes vs. no clothes) might have been a consideration for discussion period. I think of, for instance, baby sitters, and how they would probably have to talk with families about dress code. Or plumbers. Anything where we are stepping onto someone else’e property and, therefore, entering their personal space for the purpose of business. It’s an interesting question. Worker’s right of dress vs. right of client at their resident…

    I’d never thought of it in terms of non-discrimination with regard to dress code, though. That was a really interesting point to read.

    1. natfabart avatar Naturist Fab says:

      Excellent article Indeed. Something one has to think about. Not sure how many businesses advertise clothesfree work.

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