Lose your swimsuit and enjoy coed spas overseas

Drop the Bikini? How to Enjoy Co-ed Nude Spas—and Expand Your Cultural Bravery

Attitudes regarding nudity vary widely all over the world, and for people moving from one culture to another, the degree to which those views differ can have a great effect on our adaptation process. “Adaptation takes time,” explains Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem, assistant professor of cross-cultural psychology at Hult International Business School in Dubai. “The individual being acculturated into the new culture engages in a process, both unconsciously and consciously, of surveying the cultural nuances in the host country.” In other words, less of a cultural distance between home and host countries, the smoother the adaption is, she says, “since what’s more familiar is more accommodating psychologically to existing values.”

Source : Wall Street Journal Expat News

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