Naturist Action Committee Alert Huntington Beach

City of Huntington Beach, California Just Banned Nudist Pool Parties…Time to take action

Since 2007, a group called Naturists in the O.C. (Orange County) or NitOC for short, has been hosting private nudist parties at the municipal Pool and Gym facility of Huntington Beach.

Now in a totally stealthy move, the city passed a new administrative rule that says this facility cannot be rented out for nude events. They did this without seeking approval from or even informing the City Council members. Of course the local community was not informed or given a say in it either.

The events held by NiTOC have been taking place without any issues for the last 8 years. They are totally private and in compliance with the city’s local anti-nudity ordinance, which was passed in 2007

Via YNA See the NAC alert page for information on how you can help

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3 thoughts on “Naturist Action Committee Alert Huntington Beach”

  1. Smoothalx says:

    Can private events be really banned? It is outrageous.

    1. They are using a public facility so they aren’t banning the event per se rather the use of the facility for the event

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