Neo-Nudism doing business making deals and clothing optional venues

Amy Molloy strips off in the name of neo-nudism

So, why were they all here voluntarily? Haven’t you heard? Naturism is no longer simply an activity for hippies, Playboy bunnies and serial exhibitionists. Off the back of social trends such as the Free The Nipple campaign, which argues that men and women’s bodies shouldn’t be censored differently, a growing number of people are casting aside their inhibitions and shedding their material layers. Or, at the very least, thinking more about it. If you squirm at the idea of even sleeping in the buff while in the privacy of your bedroom, don’t dismiss this too quickly. The new nudism – or neo-nudism – is both civilised and uncivilised, responsible and irresponsible. And, if you avert your eyes, you could be missing out…
Personally, I’m not exactly a newbie to nudism. I grew up in what can only be described as a naked household, where our bathroom had an open-door policy. Even as a teenager, it wasn’t uncommon for a conversation to occur while my parents, my sister or I were in the shower, and it’s a habit that’s stuck with me. As an adult, I’m the gym-goer who blow-dries her hair in the changing room without a towel on (sorry, not sorry). I even faced a housemate who’d been living with us for less than 24 hours with a full-frontal display as I made the walk between my bedroom and the shower.


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2 thoughts on “Neo-Nudism doing business making deals and clothing optional venues”

  1. nudewoody says:

    Why the apparant bashing and pathologizing of nudists who came before? “hippies, Playboy bunnies and serial exhibitionists” The author claims to have learned a lesson about judging, yet seems to discount anyone not engaged in captialist consumption. Is this really the only choice?

    1. Thanks for the comment it’s a good question. I can only surmise the author was trying to draw a contrast to create a fresh angle for the article.

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