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Topless Yoga With a Purpose Is the Latest Los Angeles Trend

Ms. Dorsey told the Observer, “I hadn’t taken any topless yoga classes prior to launching Free the Nipple Yoga, and in my research, I only found nude yoga classes being offered nearby. I wanted to create a class that allowed people the freedom to be topless, but that also promoted gender equality and body positivity.” While Ms. Dorsey was nervous about practicing topless at first, she’s embraced it, and finds it strips away her insecurities.

Instructor Llyn Stransky, who focuses on body awareness, will lead yogis through motions comfortable for everyone, even while nearly nude. This is her first foray into teaching topless yoga, but her classes focus on allowing clients to connect with and appreicate their bodies, which is the end goal of many classes, including Yoga 4 Better Sex. With the popularity of elevated athleisure outfits, it certainly takes the stress out of choosing the perfect pair of leggings; and as “Nude Yoga Girl” and her Instagram page grow in popularity, it shows many are practicing yoga in the buff.

Source : The Observer

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