What does nudity do to a person?

Post raising the question of reaction to nudity being socially conditioned

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  1. Shavetalebidoux says:

    I’d be very careful with this. The link given above is to a site that seems to be Catholic as all Hell. Perhaps the people interviewed were already on such a preconditioned guilt trip they couldn’t get it up with a crutch anyway. If I appear a bit irreverent, it’s because I watched these bozos fighting tooth and nail against gay marriage here in France using some of the most inane arguments imaginable. They were overruled and many of them have now thrown their collective weight behind our major fascist party. Also, at about the same time, American Protestant fundamentalist were pushing the Ugandan government to implement death penalty legislation for homosexuality. To do this they rewrote the history of Nazi Germany and blamed the whole thing on gays. (Yes I know the head of the SA Ernst Röhm, did suffer from the Malady of the Tropics as they called it. He was summarily executed for his weakness.)
    From the studies I’ve seen and most of them were started long before the Internet, the main factors around erectile dysfunction are:
    – Environmental pollution
    – Tight clothing
    – Bad food
    – Poor blood circulation
    The last is most likely the result of the first three. People can become dependant psychologically on just about anything, including wearing clothes and going to church. Prohibition is never the answer. In the meantime, eat right and stay naked as much as possible and you probably won’t be bothered by this problem.

    1. Thanks for you comment. We try to cover the wide range of experience and perspective on clothes free living and non sexual nudity so despite religious affiliation we feel the post has its place in the conversation. In my experience in the clothes free community there are people who are very conservative in their views about things like sexual orientation and gender identity while engaging in social nudity and clothes free life. It is our policy to avoid painting anyone group of people with the kind of broad brush statements as you did in you comment. This is for a simple reason the anti clothes free word does exactly the same thing to those who love clothes free and we can’t get that to change by doing the same thing to others. As my grandmother used to say two wrongs don’t make a right. Earl D curator/editor

      1. Shavetalebidoux says:

        Most of the anti Internet porn articles I’ve seen were compiled by religious groups, either Christian or Muslim, while the independent studies I’ve read, conducted by psychiatrists and psychologists were far less negative. Most of them cite a significant reduction in rape since the advent of Internet porn, while maintaining that people who find themselves dependant upon it are those with personality disorders that cause them to be dependence prone.

        If you’re having a wank six times a day, it’s of very little importance whether you’re watching Slap & Tickle videos on the Internet or leafing through the underwear section of a mail order catalogue, eventually you’re going to be too pooped to pop. And when you are it won’t be the fault of the editor of the mail order catalogue or the producers at Slap & Tickle Videos. It’s natural, it’s normal, it’s your body telling you to take a break. If you can’t, you have a problem of auto-destructive compulsive behaviour.

        As far as using broad-brush statements, I didn’t make up any of it and besides, sometimes a broad stroke is needed to emphasise a problem or an injustice. As you say there are people in the clothes free community that would deny others their right to sexual orientation and gender identity and this is very sad indeed. I can only hope that one day these individuals undress their minds as well as their bodies.

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    From what we know this is not a problem in the clothes free community.

    1. daneekane avatar Danee says:

      It’s not. Generally.

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