What motivates me to nudism and being a nudist?

The fact of hearing that things are better naked motivates me to being a nudist.

I’ve been hearing a lot of memes and positive messages of being nude and nudism, making me want to be into nudism.

Health is so important, and nudism has many health benefits, so that motivates me in nudism.

Even when being self-conscious of being naked during the ages of 13 to 21, I was at other times also wanting to be naked and not bothered by nudity.

Despite misinformed and misguided that all nudity is supposedly sexual, I also would mentally imagine people naked during ages 13 to 21 and in non-sexual ways

Source: What motivates me to nudism and being a nudist?

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One thought on “What motivates me to nudism and being a nudist?”

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    We don’t live in a perfect world but the time we spend with our nude friends at the resort is about as close as it gets !! 🙂

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