Why Nudity Is So Common In Horror

When nudity is introduced into a film of any genre it tends to stimulate and titillate (hehe) the viewers base emotional response system and have the effect of ‘grabbing your attention’ as they say, this includes sex scenes which although rarer than the occasional bare breasts are still used often to entice a reaction from the viewer subconsciously and although I’m not a scientist I would be inclined to believe that some mild form of perverse endorphins are released giving the audience a little high.Now the crux of my thoughts in relation to horror more specifically, when utilised properly, nudity and sex can create an emotional tipping point in the viewer and serves to almost sidetrack them into letting their guard down so that they experience more of a ‘hit’ when any violence, gore or basically crazy shit happens; just think about the number of times you’ve seen a woman about to jump in the shower then it cuts to the knife wielding mental patient in the garden bed outside the window, or the couple having pre-marital sex when all of a sudden a door slams with no influence other than some perverted poltergeist. When the film-maker draws your attention in with sex and nudity they have you in the perfect mental space to not be prepared for what happens next.

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