woman, why do you need to be naked?

23678957424_11baf9519d_oOver the past 1.5 years of my clothes free life, I have come across this question from folks who look in on the clothes free life from outside. For whatever reason, the question really struck me when seeing women ask that question of women who choose to engage in a clothes free life. In December I read one such comment on Instagram from a woman’s post. More recently, I came across a similar sentiment in this article: https://fivesonsplusone.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/oh-naked-girl/.

“Woman to woman, why do you need to be naked?”

Well, woman to woman: I don’t.

Like many others, past and present, I have lived many years on this planet without a clothes free life. I made my way through college, received certifications, played in orchestras, practiced and taught yoga, and secured jobs while wrapped in garments. I have had wonderful service and study abroad experiences. I have fallen in love in my clothes. And then out of love. My life has expressed a whole host of experiences with my clothes on. Clearly, I do not need to be naked to survive.

What I will tell you, though, is that my clothes free life has moved me from an existence of living up to whatever (I thought) people wanted into a thriving life expressed more honestly with each passing day.

23689211542_a5d8c6e8f1_oDespite the pockets of wonderful experiences I listed, 90% of the fabric of my life was about winning the love of others, whatever the cost. I wanted to make people fall in love with me in hopes that they would never leave me the way my biological father left me. So, I did whatever it took, said whatever I thought I had to say to secure the undying commitment and acceptance of others. I have lied to my family about who I am. I have smiled at people while they had their way emotionally and physically. I have excused amazing opportunities and my dreams for the comfort of others. When asked, “What do you want?” My response was always, “Whatever you want.”

My clothes free life has been turning that upside down and around.

Last summer, I went clothes free camping with my dearest friend. I’m going to be straight up with you, OK? After a few days fully exposed to the fresh air and sun, my body began to purge and regulate itself like never before. My body eliminated excess stuff so efficiently without the urging of caffeine or medication, which I had done before. Thank goodness those portable restrooms were super clean and well stocked. In addition, I generally felt alive, clear in my thoughts and feelings, and clean in my body. It was amazing to have the sun and wind wash all over me. You know how some people just go outside for a breath of fresh air during a stressful day? There’s a reason for that. Fresh air is good for us. This was fresh air for my whole person, inside and out.

Other benefits I have been experiencing from living my clothes free life:

  • Better understanding of what my body actually looks like
  • More in tune with my health (actually seeing my body makes a huge difference there)
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy when I work clothes free
  • Comfortable with who I truly am and willing to be that me in the presence of others
  • Clear on my passions
  • Establishing and maintaining personal boundaries
  • Increased energy
  • Comfortable in solitude and silence
  • Higher quality rest
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Peace with wherever I am in life, even when encountering challenges

24494220606_ff38146faa_oI have a whole host of articles on the clothesfreelife.com website that speak in-depth to all the things my clothes free life has brought me, as well as how it has positively affected others in my life, including my mom. These benefits and strides are honest, significant and concrete. I would not be the confident, courageous woman that I am now without my clothes free life.

Without my clothes free life, I would not have the guts to tell my friends “no” when I don’t want to do something. I would not be able to stand up to folks of a superior position and hold the line with regard to policies and procedures at work. I would not have the courage to shut up and just listen, without defense or excuse, when others share their honest painful feelings about me. I would not have left unhealthy circumstances. My clothes free life has shown me that I don’t need the love and acceptance of all these people. I stand firm on my two feet, in my body as I am today (not if I get a tummy tuck, or whenever I lose this extra weight, or when my hair someday grows past my shoulders, or when I finally become this or that…) NOW. Right now. I stand. I am.

My clothes free life is not about exposing myself to others to get their feedback. When people respond, I see it as them expressing their own reactions and being in their experience. My clothes free life is not for your, his or her consumption. It’s not about you.

It’s about me.

My clothes free life is about exposing myself to myself. And through my clothes free life, practiced authentically from the heart, I reclaim the ultimate sacredness and goodness of my body and soul.

23419952589_16b422a3a8_oI share about my clothes free life in person and online using text and images so that people can know about the lifestyle as a possibility for themselves. Take a step back and think about a time when you’ve read an inspirational story. Perhaps a person survived a great hardship or achieved an amazing goal they never thought possible. They share their story, because they want you and others to know that there is a way to become everything you ever wanted to become, or to simply return to the truth you’ve always been deep down inside. That’s exactly what I’m doing. My posts are about clothes freedom as a possibility to tap into an awesome life for oneself and for community. I have done so many things that I never thought I could do. You can, too. And so can he and she and those folks over there.

And guess what? It’s possible to be clothes free with others, and to establish amazing non-sexual connections with those people. You don’t have to do it, but know that it truly exists as a possibility. I have lived it, both with friends here in my city and at clothing optional venues. With kids running around. Unharmed.

23053901556_d5f513b986_oIn the same way that, for so long, I didn’t know what real cheese was (only ever had welfare cheese), so many of my friends and family never considered that it was possible to be without clothes for non-sexual purposes. But when I tell them about my whole clothes free life, they are moved, touched and inspired. Even last night, I talked with a woman around my age about my clothes free life, the clothing optional family-oriented places I had visited last summer, and how wholesome all of these experiences were for me. By the end of my share, she said, “Girrrllll, that’s what I want! We need to go!”

Why do I need to be naked? I don’t.

I choose it.

And it feels good.



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6 thoughts on “woman, why do you need to be naked?”

  1. Smoothalx says:

    Another question can be “Why do you need to be clothed?”

  2. ozcloggie says:

    And about being ‘yourself’. Human. Fellow human. Enjoying nature, naturally. Go away clothing and hyped up fashion industry! Let us be ourselves!!

  3. Rich Field says:

    Loved your story. It should inspire many others to shed their clothes and feel the newfound freedom.

  4. sassycoupleok says:

    Excellent writing my friend !! Kim and I too take every possibility to tell people about our clothes free life. This usually starts with a remark about how young and happy we both look. It’s all about being happy with both your outer and inner self.

    1. geno says:

      Sassy couple, You state it very well, as we need to be open. Often when I get a comment on my tan I open up and let it be known that last weekend I was at a nudist resort, or yesterday I was a the nude beach. Quite often, as a result of my being so open, I’ve been asked If I’d take them to said resort of beach. Negative comments to my being open? Zero! geno1@comcast.net

      1. sassycoupleok says:

        We also get the interest but none have ever accompanied us to the resort. It is amazing though how they will listen to you talk about the resort and our other friends there.

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