Women respond to unsolicited pics of male genitals

Buzzfeed reports two women are going beyond reporting unsolicited genital photos from men to IG they are telling the men’s girlfriends and wives.

Curious what do you think?

Here are two response from IG


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3 thoughts on “Women respond to unsolicited pics of male genitals”

  1. moniquasexton avatar Moniqua says:

    I have to agree with these women. As many pics as I get and snaps and videos, it’s so disrespectful to send dick pics. Unless a woman asks for one, don’t send it, period. I was recently talking to this guy and I told him I hated dick pics and then, out of the blue he sends a dick pic. Was quickly blocked on all social media. It’s just not right and it’s unfair.

    1. Curious what you think about the wife who says she doesn’t care if her husband sends and the women shouldn’t hurt the men by reporting.

      1. moniquasexton avatar Moniqua says:

        I disagree on both. My “husbands” penis should be for my eyes only. I think the women should let their girlfriend or wife know that their men are sending pics. It’s not about the penis but the sexualization and intention behind it.

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