Young Texas Naturists make news with their events

Young Nudists, Unite!

Young Nudists of Texas United’s first official event was the Nude Games that May at Bluebonnet. The idea was to offer fun activities (tug of war, sand and water volleyball) without risking anyone’s sensitive areas. About 40 people showed up.

Through the creation of a website and implementation of several social media tools, YNOTU began hosting weekly at-home parties and at one point organized a roller skating event in Grand Prairie. The business owners, Lopez recalled, were impressed with how well behaved the young nudists were.

“They’ve already told us we are welcome back anytime,” he said.

YNOTU’s membership, which includes several Fort Worthians, stands at 25 and is 60 percent male, 40 percent female, although most YNOTU events are also attended by many nonmembers.

Perhaps not surprisingly, young women appear to be more open to the concept than young men, Lopez said. But a lot of the women may not participate as much because their (male) significant others may object.

“For my parents’ generation,” Lopez said, “it was the complete opposite.”

Source :Fort Worth Weekly

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