Brit couple quit lives then bares all in Holland at one of Europe’s biggest nudist camps

We dropped everything to join nudist resort… at five degrees below zero

We found our tiny A-frame bungalow on Airbnb and noticed the price — less than £400 a month — before seeing the disclaimer at the bottom: “For a 100 per cent naturist stay.”

The resort has a village feel and is primarily used by tourists, but also houses many permanent residents.

A three-bedroom property costs as much as €255,000 (£196,000), while a bungalow can be bought for around €72,000 (£55,000).

Our new landlord, Larz, a 76-year-old Dutchman, explains everyone is meant to join in and “not be amazed when, on a sunny day, somebody walks naked outside — try it yourself”.

We are the only Brits here and at least half the age of everybody else.

Source: The Sun

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