A history of TV nudity

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flashing the Flesh a history of TV nudity

This shift of a couple of inches between the Austen and Tolstoy adaptations marks another notch on television’s bedpost of flesh-flashing.

The first full-frontal nudity on TV is generally believed to have been in Holland in 1967, when the experimental show Hoepla showed a female model reading a broadsheet newspaper that she moved aside to reveal her complete nakedness. Continental European television has generally been more unbuttoned than the UK and US schedules, which are heavily regulated and, especially in Britain, carefully watched by the rightwing press. A significant percentage of the full-frontal nudity screened on UK TV appeared on Eurotrash (Channel 4, 1993-2007), which sampled stark examples from abroad

Source : The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/tvandradioblog/2016/feb/02/flashing-the-flesh-a-history-of-tv-nudity-penis-mr-darcy

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