Becoming a naturist almost one year ago – guest blog GaryS

It has been almost one year since I became a Naturist in 2015. Before this I had a experience of posing voluntarily as a Life Model in 2013 I think it was. What made it slightly awkward was there was a girl there from my Bible Study group. I had to build up some courage to do this. I felt it was inside me that I needed to do this. I had to perform in three different posses. I was glad there was a little electric heater next to my skin even if I did turn red on one side. I had fun doing this for about two hours.

Things went quiet for a while. I hoped I would be put on the rotation list to pose but nothing happened. Then I had to try and do something. By now it was January 2015, I decided to join British Naturism. Now I felt I will make some progress now.

imageI got my membership and went onto the forum to introduce myself. Which I did and I am glad somebody there who normally doesn’t want to be the main centre of attention helped me. He did showed me around a few landed clubs as a guest. I also went to a British Naturism event held a WaterWorld which is an indoor water park. The weather in the UK is awful most of the time. There it felt like my ‘Rite of Passage’ being naked with another 270 people and I never felt so happy and normal. It also helped me to get rid of a lot of baggage from my Theology Degree too.

After this I never felt so happy and content with my body.

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  1. hontouniheart 3 years ago

    Yay, Gary!

  2. troynbr2 3 years ago

    Is the WordPress address right?

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