C’è nudismo e nudismo, facciamo chiarezza! (Parte 2)

have seen, the alterations to the socio-sexual sphere have nothing to do with nudity and not the result of it will direct it indirectly, if anything nudism can be a valuable and important contribution to their care and, if it became common practice and widely diffused, they disappeared.Let us now talk about those situations for which the word nudism, although used with semantic and formal, it is not from a cultural and historical point of view; They are, in fact, situations are very distant from what is the meaning of the term nudism.Newly minted and rapidly spreading the terms \”transgressive nudism\” and \”nudity exhibitionist\” contribute substantially to distinguish different situations, situations that are based on a \”philosophy\” somewhat different and you should therefore take quite distinct: nudism with sexual purposes ( nudism transgressive) and nudism practiced just to show yourself and enjoy that performance (nudity exhibitionist).

Source: C’è nudismo e nudismo, facciamo chiarezza! (Parte 2)

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