Clothes free yogis you should know February

This is the first time we feature acro-yoga and the first time we have a couple in our clothes free yogis you should know series. So here is a special clothes free yoga feature just for Valentine’s Day.

Stacey and her partner Daniel have been together for a year. At first Daniel the base in their acro yoga but now sometimes switch up being base. Daniel would have never taken part in nude yoga before Stacey asked him to help her practice. In that time he has come to see his body as a temple becoming more open and free with his confidence after finding out he loved the yoga and that he has a wonderful body. They live their home life as clothes free as possible. Check out the acro-yoga from Stacey and Daniel clothes free yogis we think you should know.

Hello out there you free people!
Just a little about my story so far. I’m named Stacey, I was born in the country and moved around south west Australia most of my life. My partner and I met when I was young and then reconnected with a little over a year ago. We met and sparked the moment we saw each other again. I’ve spent most of my life as clothes free as you can be living with family. I moved out 5 years ago and spend my home life naked and free. I love to cook naked it adds a bit more fun to cooking and we enjoy doing things more while we are nude. As often as I can I try to get outside in new secret places and strip off while there is nobody around and try to do a few minutes of yoga. Nude sun bathing is an absolute must. I love to lie outside on the grass for the day feeling the breeze and the sunshine on my skin. I wish the world could be clothes free.

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