“Co-ed naked yoga picking up steam in Calgary”

It’s been over a year since Katherine Medina began running co-ed naked yoga classes in Calgary and she says business just keeps picking up steam. What started as classes with two or four nude yoga students has grown to packed classes of 20 to 30 – and month after month her database keeps growing.

As of last week, over 300 Calgarians had signed up with Medina at one point in time.

Read more at Metro News Calgary: http://www.metronews.ca/news/calgary/2016/02/07/co-ed-naked-yoga-picking-up-steam-in-calgary.html

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One thought on ““Co-ed naked yoga picking up steam in Calgary””

  1. pugbuddy50 says:

    I’be always lovedb ring nude, & have wanted to try yoga. So naked yoga seems like an o brainer. Wish there was a place in Red Deer also…Jim

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