Do you let your kids see you #naked?

In order to raise confident, well-adjusted children who have a healthy view of their bodies and their selves (we say, #BodyPositive), we do not hide our naked bodies from them, but at the same time, we don’t prance around flaunting it either. There must be balance, and age-approrpiateness.

Source: Do you let your kids see you #naked?

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  1. sassycoupleok 3 years ago

    My previous comments were in regards to my own childhood with the small home. My ex wife and I raised our three children (2 boys 1 girl) in nude home life. We had plenty of bathrooms and bedrooms for all so that wasn’t a situation were nudity was common out of necessity. We were fortunate to have a home swimming pool and it was always clothing optional with us being nude most of the time. Until mid-teens the children never wore suits and even then it was a that time of month situation. They (kids) would have a friend or friends drop by unannounced which resulted in the wife and I being observed nude on many occasions by their friends but not one of them ever seemed to be bothered about. The ex and I would usually let them have the pool and they all typically wore swimwear but it was not uncommon for the young ladies to be topless before long. As long as this type nudity is non sexual it’s comfortable for all.

  2. casuallybuff 3 years ago

    We were almost always nude in our home before and after our kids came along. They knew no difference. No discussions, no pressures; it was all so natural. As was their transition to clothing at home as they grew, and our respect for it, and there apparent respect for our choices. It all happened so smoothly and naturally. Maybe we were just lucky.

  3. Nh nudist 3 years ago

    We used to walk around the house nude in front of our two daughters. They often were known to occasionally ee=k around the house themselves. That doesn’t happen as much anymore as my youngest hit puberty and school sex ed classes has caused her to have many self esteem issues with what her body is changing into and does not want to see a male nude anymore. So now I respect her views and am nude when they are not around or let them know when I will be nude downstairs or outside so they can choose to not be in that area if they choose. Quite unfortunate as we are still in our first home which is a one bathroom house. Limits times when can use the room to get ready when they are monopolizing the space.

  4. sassycoupleok 3 years ago

    The answer to the question is yes, we did.
    Young children are the most natural nudist of all. Until they are told differently they have no shame or cares about their nudity or that of others, including most of all their parents. Growing up in a family of four in a small house family nudity in the bathroom and through the house was common.

  5. pugbuddy50 3 years ago

    The only way nudity becomes a big deali s if you make it a big deal.

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