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Recently the Young Naturists of America had a post about eco-friendly naturism  That post and the International Naturist Federation definition of naturism got me thinking about the connection between naturism and eating a plant-based diet.

Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment.” • International Naturist Federation

In 2015 the World Health Organization recently announced that much of the meat we consume particularly processed and red meat may be a major cancer causing agent. I had already reduced my red meat intake. I thought about being a  vegetarian or vegan many times but never really followed through except for a couple of brief forays into meat less diets. But last summer when I had the opportunity to cook vegan while camping for close to a week. I decided it was definitely doable. If I was able to eat well and prepare plant-based diet while dealing with the limitations of camp cooking equipment then it could happen back at home. So when I  returned home I begun to dive more into plant-based diet.

Now I am not an anarcho-naturist  no more than I am a radical naturist,  though I think they were on to something when they connected naturism and vegetarianism. Nor am I a vegan activist. I won’t be chastising any of you meat eaters out there about killing animals. Watching a movie on industrial farming while trying to eat at a PETA sponsored lunch removed any interest in doing that to another person. But I believe there are some important personal  and social benefits which connect nicely with a naturist/clothes free lifestyle.

Dick Gregory civil rights activist and vegetarian

Dick Gregory civil rights activist and vegetarian

  • A plant-based diet supports an eco-friendly consumption of food. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that U.S. and world meat based diets are not sustainable Due to the increasing amount of energy and natural resources required to produce for the two billion people who each primarily meat based diet as compared to the four billion who eat primarily plant-based.
  • A plant-based diet helps us be more connected to nature.  I have found myself looking more closely at the foods I eats. I notice texture the colors and where the food came from and what it will bring to the meal. Roots tend to bring filling to a meal. Vegetables bring varieties of color and so on.
  • A plant-based diet is healthy in the book the China Study author T. Colin Campbell discusses all the health implications of meat based versus plant-based diets. He concludes a plant-based diet is the most effective way to reduce the onset of many diseases currently besetting western society.
  • A plant-based diet, has changed my body. In winters past I have gained up 15 pounds and always have had a lingering spare tire. Since adopting a plant-based diet six months ago I have lost that 15 pounds and returned to a more fitting weight for my body. Beyond physical appearance I feel healthier all around.

I had two big requirements to permanently shift to a plant-based diet. First the food had to be filling. I wanted to be able to eat as heartily as I did when I ate meat. Second the food had to be flavorful. I like spicy flavor so I wasn’t willing to give up on tantalizing my taste buds. I wasn’t too keen on long meal preparation either. I am happy to say that all my criteria have been met.

Not I am not going to suggest that eating plant-based is always simple or inexpensive. However I found with a few changes in my shopping patterns (like shopping in bulk when possible) and utilizing the unexpected abundance of resources available the transition has been a success.

So if you’re interested in making the change to an eco-friendly plant-based naturist/clothes free life here a some tips that may be useful.

Bryant Terry Vegan Chef

Bryant Terry Vegan Chef

  • Use the Internet. I was amazed at how many resources where are in social media whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or even Facebook there is no shortage of food willing to share recipes and plant based diet info.
  • There’s an app for that. Several actually my favorite is Yummly ( iOS, Android, Windows and MAC options). Other app are available from All Recipes, and Epicurious all with great plant-based recipes.
  • Whatever your favorite cuisine is there are plant based options.  For example if you like soul food, then Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen: Fresh, Healthy, and Creative African-American Cuisine is for you.
  • Finally a few naturist/clothes free resources. The AANR bulletin’s In the Buff Gourmet usually has some vegetarian or vegan recipes to offer each month. N magazine from the Naturist Society features a column of Naked Vegan Cooking in each issue.  You can also visit the Naked Vegan Cooking website.
  • Don’t forget about our own clothes free kitchen which features news recipes many vegan/vegetarian each week.

The bottom line on all of this is a plant-based diet is fun, healthy, Eco-friendly and supportive of naturist/clothes free living. So give it a try. If you are already eating plant-based then comment and share your favorite recipes.

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