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It is an election year and a few legislators would love to vote in favor of an anti-nudity bill

February 2016 President’s Message
by Richard Mason

Election year tempts Florida legislators to make mischief

No matter how we try to avoid the politics of nude recreation and the free beach movement in Florida, the anti-social segment of our society finds a way to try to make us out to be evil and thus make illegal (unlawful) our enjoyment of that all-American custom of the skinny-dip. Presently, a few Florida legislators and the anti-nudist movement groups have been verbally seeking co-sponsors of a proposal to write a bill or bills that would affect nude recreation in the following manner:

• Force women to completely cover the breast when breast-feeding in public. Intent: Make top-free beaches illegal.

• Prohibit the sale of an alcoholic beverage to, or its consumption by, a nude person. Intent: Remove the enjoyment of a drink while nude; destroy the profit margin of a nudist facility; and prevent nude nightclubs from becoming a nude membership club.

• Prohibit an adult from being nude in front of a child. Intent: Make nude recreation an adult socialization.

As of this writing, the effort has not gained the status of a numbered, written bill that we can oppose, but our lobbyist is watching the effort and speaking to the leadership. If it reaches the status of a numbered bill, we will call for a grassroots effort through an e-blast as well as a mailing to our list of supporters. IMPORTANT: If you are not on our newsletter e-mail list, you may subscribe for free. (Please follow subscription instructions carefully.)

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