Four year anniversary celebration

Well if you didn’t hear today makes four years since the humble beginning of and to celebrate we are launching a new venture. The Clothes Life logo wear shop. Right so it’s a clothes free life OK so why logo wear?

Your purchase helps us beef up the technology behind the sites to continue to improve them and create a great online experience for the clothes free community.

Well the shop which is built into the upcoming my clothes free life web site features not just t-shirts and tanks with some of our best clothes free slogans, blurbs and designs. There are coffee mugs, water bottles, travel mugs, phone cases and my favorite flip-flops. If that’s not reason enough to buy something, well know that all the proceeds from the shop go to improve the web sites, which so far have been self-funded and there is no one named Donald Trump on our team.


So check out the Clothes free Life logo shop now. Save this bookmark for now then later when my clothes free life launches you’ll find the store there as well


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5 thoughts on “Four year anniversary celebration”

  1. naturalian says:

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    If you have to wear clothes,wear these and enjoy a clothesfree cup!

  2. moniquasexton avatar Moniqua says:

    Definitely getting one of the Africa shirts!

    1. Thought you might like that

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