Judge whose pictures were posted on web site without permission under investigation

Naked judge investigated

The complaint is that the images of the district court judge adversely affect the standing of the judiciary and undermine public confidence “especially in the hearing of sex crimes, public indecency cases and the exposure of minors to pornography”.

The full-frontal nude pictures were publicly accessible on the Pineglades Naturist Club website. In one, the judge was posing on a lawn. In another he was playing petanque.

They were removed after inquiries from this newspaper and Chief District Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue said they were posted without the judge’s knowledge.

The Herald on Sunday has chosen not to name the judge.

The judge told the Herald on Sunday this week that he “understands the interest, given

Source: New Zealand Herald

Curator’s note: Furhter proof that it is too simplistic to just say everyone should be open about clothes free living. Each person’s circumstance is different as are the consequences of openly expressing clothes free life.

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3 thoughts on “Judge whose pictures were posted on web site without permission under investigation”

  1. Bare Beach Bum says:

    I was really thinking that this story would blow over and go away because it is such a non-event. It just goes to show you about the misrepresentation of naturism in society yet other moral depravity is totally accepted. It boggles the mind…

    1. This is why we so doggedly approach this clothes fre life as non sexual brace the first thing people did was think of him in the same camp as a peadophile,or sex offender simply for enjoying being clothes free. According to the accounts none of the pictures showed doing anything but sunning and playing pétanque. But there it is investigated.

  2. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    That is the sad-reality of the world we live in. Even though he didn’t do anything wrong, someone will find a way to crucify him over it. Even though I am open about being a naturist, I am careful about where my pics get posted, because even though most people are accepting of the fact that I am naturist, they wouldn’t be quite as accepting if they saw graphic “evidence”.

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