Lessons Learned On Trip To Clothes Free Beach

Lessons Learned On Trip To Clothes Free Beach

“5 Things I Learned from my Trip to the Nude Beach

I was, however, curious about nude beaches. What’s the deal with these beaches? Do people really get totally naked? What if they’re only filled with creepy old dudes and French tourists?

My mind was riddled with assumptions; hung up on baseless cliches and preconceived notions.

But I was curious.

I found myself mystified not only by the taboo nature of letting it all hang out in public, but by the fact that such a place (or few) actually existed in my own backyard. For me, Tahoe’s nude beaches were as much an urban legend as Tahoe Tessie or a great sale price at Raley’s.

Sure, I’d hear about them, but did they really exist?

So being the empirical researcher that I am, I did what any person would do. I Googled that shit.

Unfortunately, the article results only left me wanting. It was time to move onto the next option: go find these beaches myself and see what they were all about.

So I grabbed three of my closest friends and embarked on a journey into the unknown.

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