New Zealand paper’s editorial says judge’s nudity no big deal

Editorial: Nudity not a big deal

Unless I am missing something, it’s not a crime to be a nudist and in this day and age it hardly seems scandalous.

It might prompt a giggle and a nudge nudge, but surely nothing a reasonable person has the time or inclination to be outraged about.

SST’s Garth McVicar appeared on Paul Henry’s show yesterday, where Henry openly spoke about about being a nudist.

McVicar argued that by having the photos taken down the judge had made it into an issue and could open himself up to blackmail.

Henry called the press release “ludicrous” and for the first and quite possibly only time, I agree with him.

Judges are people too and as long as they are not doing anything illegal in their spare time, or their hobbies don’t affect their ability to perform their function, then it’s no one’s business but their own.

Source: Bay of Plenty Times

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One thought on “New Zealand paper’s editorial says judge’s nudity no big deal”

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Amen, business people, judges, movie stars, athletes or judges we are all just people and should have the right to be clothes free without scrutiny.

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