Quanto aspetterai a svelare che sei nudista?

Regardless of the reasons that you think make beautiful every moment in which you can feel naked, I’m sure, as nudist, feed two big desires: first, would you like that everyone could experience the pleasure that is given to us by nudity , because only direct experience is worth more than a hundred explanations; Secondly, you wish you could safely say around that you’re a nudist (how could you say that you are a cyclist, a stamp or a keen gardener), without fear of falling victim to misunderstandings or prejudices.

In fact, the reveal to be a nudist (borrowing an English expression, we could talk about coming out ) is a difficult step. Indeed, you will agree with me in saying – without exaggeration – that the great majority of Italian nudist is careful not to take this step. Because? The answer – you will say – is obvious: because of a widespread misconception that being nude is to be exhibitionists or sexual predators, there is the fear of being judged badly and losing the esteem and friendship of the people around us. Thus, many nudists do not claim to be those of their parents, their children and even their closest friends.

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