recent conversations with women in my life

 The more I talk with women in my world about clothes free life, the more I learn that many of them already spend much of their time clothes free, if anything at home.

These conversations made me think that when we talk about causes and movements and so forth, we can’t just say that only people who openly shout about their naturist or clothes free lives count. I have seen that nature of commentary quite often, and it is wonderful if that is true to a person and works for them and others in their environment.

At the same time, that is not necessarily how all people engage their lives generally (not just with regard to clothes freedom). What I am actually finding, particularly in my connections with the women in my life, is that it is less about shouting anything from the rooftops to the infinite public, and more about opening up in intimate one-on-one conversations. 

Recently I opened up to a new friend about my clothes free life. As I shared with her in the conversation, she opened up and told me that she spends as much time as possible naked at home. She does have a family, and random people from her life come over a lot, in which case she chooses to be clothed. But, when all of the drama of the day is done, she relaxes clothes free. She also told me that she learned this from her grandmother, who, for as long as she has known her, has always stripped down to be in the comfort of her own body the minute she’d arrive home. The more she and I talk, the more excitement she exudes (you should see her face light up, my goodness) regarding her choice to be clothes free for the sake of being comfortable and “at home.”

I mention this, because, when I first started my clothes free life back in 2014, so many people kept pushing the idea that “you gotta shout it out loud and tell everyone and be naked all the time and not care what anyone says or thinks or any possible repercussions.” Again, that is wonderful if it works for a particular person, given their personality and situation. However, for some, aside from any work or cultural / political / religious / family factors that might exist, that kind of “out there to the random public” is actually not organic to how they engage anything in life. They’re just not the kind of shout it from the rooftop kind of folks. They don’t live on Twitter. They don’t use Wordpress. They might not really be active on Facebook. But when talking one on one, that’s when they open up and share. Their “social” expression is in a very small environment of trust.

I want to be clear that this is not meant to apply to or speak for all women nor is it something unique to women (or those who choose to identify as such). I know men who have similar tendencies. Indeed, we are all unique human beings with a variety of personalities, situations, histories, tendencies and so forth that are constantly in flux. But, given that the question of “how to get women more involved in naturism” comes up often, this reflection on my recent interactions with women in my life arose, and I wanted to add it to the conversation. It has been these one-on-one dynamics that have facilitated them opening up and sharing their clothes free lives with me and, in the process, cultivating what appears to be a deeper appreciation and enthusiasm for their own clothes free life as a result of talking about it in a one-on-one conversation.

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2 thoughts on “recent conversations with women in my life”

  1. NatBiss avatar natbiss says:

    Whatever people decide to show or hide is OK for me. I really love how open you are (you are making an incredibly positive impact on the lives of many people all over the world), but not everybody has to do the same.
    It’s hard for introvert people to share our life with strangers. I have decided to show openly my clothesfree side, my naked body and even sometimes my inner thoughts on this topic, but many other aspects in my life are reserved for friends.
    People (not only women) are complicated, multi-faceted. It’s only through one-on-one interaction that we can finally discover them.

  2. jochanaan1 says:

    Strange; you find folks online who seem real, then suddenly they get all sex-obsessed on you. It’s easier in real-life settings; you see more quickly what folks are; but even there you find some who still get obsessed. That’s exactly why we need folks like you who are real, even more when we’re nude.

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