Should you just “come out” as nudist

The Impact of Coming out on Your Job & Family

One year my wife worked for a large corporation and we hosted World Naked Gardening Day at our house. The media found out so we let them all know and were on TV 4 times and on the front page of the local paper. NOTHING happened at work besides a few innocent jokes. Several thought it was really cool. And even though we were all over the news for it, we had no major issues with the general public, although our HOA did have a long discussion with us, which resulted in them realizing we weren’t out to flash their kids or anything, so it blew over just fine.

I also started wearing kilts and going out in public with my toes painted years ago. I thought these too would cause my issues. Neither hurt me at all, so most fears are indeed in our mind, we just have to be willing to confront them, which I know not all are. And I think that’s sad, and is one reason we have such a hard time gaining the understanding of society, and our legal rights to have places to go nude besides our house or resorts, for those of us inland.

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  1. Joseph says:

    What a good thing that this couple was not affected by their acknowledgement of their choices in a nudist life. Painting your toenails sounds like a side issue. But naturism is not about forcing your views on other people. Is about finding yourself in touch and harmony with nature. Some people like it some others don’t. Wether somebody approves or not of your lifestyle that is their problem, not yours. As long as you don’t shove it in their faces, demanding that they accept it and join you, you are ok. But if you want the world to accept your painted toenails as something everyman should do, and go naked because you demand understanding, that is your problem. The world is made of different people with different values, respect them and they can’t respect you. If you want to be a naturist and find out what it is like to be nude and swim in a lake , pool, or the ocean, or share nude time socially with other people, by all means do it. But if you are a prude and feel that this is not for you, that is also ok. Nobody should force you to do something or accept something you don’t want to. Freedom, respect and tolerance we all deserve them.

  2. So, I am very happy that it worked out for them. That is really great news. But what I do not agree with is this approach that says, “people just need to stop being afraid” or “it’s all in your head.” It fails to acknowledge that, even beyond questions around personal comfort or choice, that people literally get fired for being caught naked. People literally get thrown in jail for it. There are recent news articles about this in the States. So, for some, maybe it is a fear that is just in their heads or assuming the worst. But, for others, it’s not about that. There are serious ramifications. And finally, if someone does not want to come out and be public, that doesn’t make their clothes free life any less valid. They just choose to be clothes free at home.

  3. sassycoupleok says:

    My wife and I have made it a point to tell friends , family and neighbors of our nude lifestyle. It has made the instances where we have been accidentally caught nude, a no problem moment. Plus many are curious and it has resulted in some nice educational moments as well. Many of our business customers know too with no backlash at all. There have been a few times the wife has led the conversation because in our view for some it seems less of a perverted topic when she brings it up vs myself.

    1. Eddie Gamble says:

      Ya, isn’t it funny how some nudist things are more acceptable when they’re coming from a couple or a single female than from a single male? When I was married, our nudist lifestyle was accepted and encouraged by most of our friends, nudist or not,,,,but now that I am single, I’m getting “Perv” overtones from the same people about my nudism. I don’t “advertise” so freely anymore.

  4. The Black Male Nudist says:

    I came out last year. By me being a religious leader I had people condemn me. Some fellow nudists even tried to slander me by screenshotting my nudes.

  5. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    I started “coming-out” almost three years ago, and other than a few “friends” unfriending me on Facebook, which was their loss, not mine, I have had no real issues, including in my church, where quite a few people know that I minister to nudists at Cypress Cove. I haven’t “promoted” our lifestyle among my friends, so they can like it or not, but it isn’t going to deter me from living as I choose.

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