The Right to Bare Breasts

Feminism. It is a word that is so important, yet has become so taboo in the Western Culture. It is a term that is equated with man-hater, or with a woman who wants power and control over men. It re…

Today, in the year 2015, it is illegal for a woman to be topless in 35 states, and this includes breastfeeding. I would say that America is still pretty far behind if this is what is happening. A woman’s body is censored because of the ideas that this culture has promoted about them, and it is time for a change. A woman should feel comfortable breastfeeding her child in all public places (or at least most of them), not just in ones that say, “breastfeeding welcome here.” A woman’s body should not be constantly put on display everywhere except for on the actual human person, and a woman should feel comfortable in her own body, no matter what it is, without feeling ashamed because it might not be sexual enough for this western culture.

Source: The Right to Bare Breasts

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