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Blogger says topless campaign is ignorant and sexual dress and drunkenness are provocations for rape. It’s just common sense.

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  1. ericsaumur says:

    I think that the blogger, while wrong, is more reasonable than you are understanding. I had a short conversation with him and he backed away from saying that there should be any consideration of legal fault on the part of victims for the way they dress, et cetera. He is talking about tactics more than legality.

    I think it was Colonel Hadfield who said that if you notice that a bee hitched a ride in the cockpit of your jet fighter during a training exercise at a 100 feet, and it stings you and you crash, then you have a great excuse for being dead. Likewise, as long as we live in an imperfect society, it is wise not to do what you are allowed to if it puts you in danger.

    On the other hand, as I pointed out to him, it is by facing danger through civil disobedience that we have gained much of our rights, it is by facing ridicule that we have socialized society to behave in ways that are more acceptable (e.g. MADD).

    So yes, he is wrong about these pictures being a stupid idea, but his main point isn’t to excuse rapists, it is just to be safe. So that, at least, places his heart in the right place.

    1. Thanks for the comment and perspective. I appreciate the effort to clarify the bloggers perspective. However, whenever there is even the suggestion that there is any reason for rape other than a predators actions, I am going to be skeptical. When it is wrapped in the “common sense” wrapper I raise both eyebrows. Common sense in my opinion says rapists should be able to control their bodies and their minds just as the blogger suggests the women should. Being safe in my opinion is wearing protective gear when working with power tools. Not dressing the way you are most comfortable because someone else cannot control their own body and thoughts, is being oppressed. In many states motorcyclists are allowed to right down highways without helmets despite the common sense safety prevention of major head and brain injury. The claim of those riders is freedom. That same kind of freedom is denied the women of this campaign, in spite of the fact that any injury comes not from themselves but others. I don’t know and would not try to speculate about the blogger’s intentions. I can only go by what was in the post and I fear that only serves to perpetuate the practice of making someone other than the rapist responsible for their actions.
      EarlD editor in chief. CFL

      1. ericsaumur says:

        I agree with you totally and disagree with the blogger. I just felt that having challenged him, and gotten a clarifying response, it was worth distinguishing him from the worst misogynists out there. It is easy to paint everyone who disagrees with you with the same brush and then demonize them. But that doesn’t lead where you want to go. Polarization leads to an end to listening and once listening has ended, all that is left is strife. I think that, through dialogue and listening and thoughtful understanding response, someone like this blogger can be brought around to a more compassionate viewpoint. The path may be long but it is finite. The path may be finite for even the worst misogynists but it is much longer and so it is more worth the effort to engage someone like this.

        1. Thanks again for taking time to respond. I am not sure how I demonized the blogger I believe his opinions spoke for themselve. There was nothing personal in the comments. He was not called misogynist you did that. Never called him bad person simply disagreed with his conclusion and asked what others thought. He called a campaign ignorant and lacking in common sense. Those are pretty harsh statements. That was the problem I had with his opinion. When one makes statement like that on the internet one should be prepared for a reponse and be able to justify the action. The issue is the idea that if women just use common sense and dress a certain way they can prevent sexual harassment or rape is not borne out by the facts. Conservatively dressed women get raped. Modestly dressed women get raped. Scantily dressed women get raped. Is the blogger ready to call the modesty campaign ignorant because women dressed that way may get raped. I appreciate you are responding from the blogger’s perspective and you are welcome to do so I am trying to reflect on the impact opinions like have on the women. So let me state this peroson’s opinion with great clarity when a women or anyone for that matter is raped it is never the victim’s fault. No matter how they are dressed, how much alcohol they consumed etc. a person sex should not be predicated by another inability to control their own body or sexual inclinations.

          1. ericsaumur says:

            Ooops! I am sorry. I reread what you wrote and it wasn’t what I was responding too. Multiple blogs that I read responded to him and another blogger was the one who used misogynist among other words in her comments. I thought I was responding there. Sorry to have bothered you.

          2. Interesting that you misread. Another perfect example of intent vs impact you may not have intended to accuse me of demonizing and being polarizing but the impact of your comments had that effect. This is what I am saying about this blogger. The impact of his statemeets stand regardless his intent and they are lasting and perpetuate a particular view. Now I honestly had not gone to site since posted the link here, but I just took another look to see what kind of comments there were. Seriously reading his responses to some of the comments make me less likely to believe his motives were pure. All that being said we need to understand that words matter and thoughts more often that not translate into actions consciously or unconsciously.
            EarlD editor in chief Clothes free life

  2. The writer sounds like he’s afraid of losing his “male privilege” of making advances on a woman just because she choses to dress comfortably.

    1. Excellent analysis. Kept re-reading to make sure I was getting his point since he kept trying to sound supportive of top freedom and against rape.

      1. That’s just about the only thing he got right. Rapists SHOULD be punished. But he was clearly putting part of the blame on the victim, and that I strongly disagree with.
        In my local area, Nova Scotia, Canada, we had a much publicized rape case (oh, sorry, he said sarcastically–that would be ALLEGED rape) of Rehteah Parsons who got drunk at a party when she was 15, and was [allegedly] raped by four boys. A picture of the act in progress circulated around the students at her school, and she was “slut-shamed” until her death by suicide a year and a half later. I didn’t know her, but I’ve gotten involved in the movement that her parents started after her death, which is to raise awareness of rape and bullying.
        I don’t think anyone is excusing her act of getting drunk at a party, especially at so young an age. Yes, she should have known better. But it still does not excuse what happened to her once she became drunk. In Nova Scotia, and I suspect in other places too, it is legally considered rape if the woman is intoxicated–because it has been ruled that she cannot legally give consent. But this blog writer seems so intent on blaming the victim that he probably won’t care about the letter of the law in such cases. In any case, the local police, clearly not doing their job, didn’t prosecute the four boys for rape–although two of them were charged with distributing nude photos of an underage girl without her consent, and were found guilty–yet faced no jail time, due to their own youth when the incident happened.

        1. Yeah the problem is people want to define rape as purely sexual act when it’s been shown to be more about power control and domination that purely sex. Sex is the vehicle for exerting power and control. That’s why his “common sense” point doesn’t make any sense.

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