Why Nudity is Required, at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Why Nudity is Required at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park?

People often ask why, if naturists are so tolerant of others, Bare Oaks does not allow people to remain clothed if they so desire. (When the environment permits, of course!) On the surface, this call for tolerance seems very logical. That and an aspiration to be more inclusive have been the drivers of the clothing-optional movement in recent decades.

It would be great if we lived in a utopia where nobody cares what we wear and we could be nude anywhere we desired. That may be possible some day. But in our world it is impossible, because of constant social pressure which fosters an incredible amount of body shame and obsession with clothing. These messages are deeply embedded in most people since childhood, and reinforced constantly through the way our world is built and the reactions of others. Most people’s fear of nudity and their body is so deeply ingrained in their psyche that it has become subconscious, instinctual, and emotional.

There are many variations of clothing-optional around the world. They generally don’t work, because they don’t operate independently from the rest of the world. Naturist places are a subset of society, not a truly independent culture. Since the pressures of the textile world are ever-present in naturism, we must apply an equal, balancing pressure in naturist clubs to maintain naturist values.

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  1. Even if society were really free and there were no dress code in public places, private establishments (one’s own home, for example) could and would establish dress codes. We wouldn’t expect a mosque to tolerate nudity in the mosque, but we can expect Muslims to accept nudity in public places. Nudists might well want to establish nudity only private areas but fully accept that public spaces will be nude optional.

    That being said, private nudist resorts may find it beneficial to establish a policy that allows members of a group or couple to be clothed so long as one member of the group or club were nude. This would allow nudists to bring their nude reluctant spouses and friends to the resort and so acclimate them to nudity over time. My wife accompanied me once to Turtle Lake Resort, a “clothing-optional” resort but has never gone back because she was not allowed in the lagoon with her swimsuit on. Consequently, I seldom get there myself – never more than once a year, if that. However, if my wife could keep her suit on, we’d be there often, producing additional income. Over time, my wife might well become comfortable enough with the regulars at the resort that she’d become uncomfortable suited. That’d be my hope anyway, but it can’t be put to the test.

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