Working clothes free is fringe benefit of freelancing

The best part of being freelance is working in the nude

Aamna Mohdin 6 hours ago

Take journalism, for example. A recent survey, carried out by the UK’s Press Gazette, suggests that freelancers are happier with their jobs than staff journalists. One journalist, who earns as much as £40,000 ($58,000) from freelancing at national newspapers, said he liked it because “I can work naked, unshaven, and when I like.” Another added: “I start when I want, I go out for dog walks when phasing out, the coffee is awesome and I frequently type in the nip.”

Source: Quartz

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  1. sassycoupleok says:

    WE too run our business from our home office. The only time it’s necessary to dress is when I have to travel out to a job site. I have however driven nude to a few of them, in warm weather of course.

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