invitation to women: share with us!

As part of our growing series of Women on Wednesdays, I want to invite women to share their personal reflections, questions and experiences via guest posts on

Why I do, Why I don’t

The question around why more women don’t participate in naturism remains a major topic in the clothes free community. In order for this question to be thoroughly engaged and the issue richly addressed, we would like to have more shares directly from women on the question.

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So, I invite you to share your thoughts / questions with us, in your on words, to be featured here on

Why do you engage in clothes free life?

Or why don’t you?

What is nudity to you?

How do you engage your nakedness?

If you would like to share something, be it a guest article, a poem, even an audio or video reflection on such questions, I invite you to connect with me at

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