2016 Clothes Free Poetry Contest!

The clothesfreelife.com 2016 Clothes Free Poetry Contest is just around the corner.

Theme: “The Body as Poetry”

She tells me what I already know
The cold of the room
Through a goose bumping show

She shows me things I want to hide
How eating my feelings
Destroyed me inside

And when I dare to give her an ear
With a gentle tug
She draws me near

And whispers what I dare not speak:
How love softens my nerves
And strengthens what’s weak

– hontouniheart 

Whether you write everyday or have never written in your life, I invite you to share your original, authentic self in gratitude for your body through poetry.

Contest details here: http://clothesfreelife.com/2016/03/07/coming-soon-4th-annual-clothes-free-poetry-contest/

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