Nude Olympics may run afoul of local laws

Nude arrest record ‘a bit bare-faced’

Dr McGovern said police have been warned they could be breaching anti-discrimination laws and are “respectfully requested to refrain from further sexually discriminatory arrests”.

“In particular, the Sex Party has asked for police assurance that Alexandria Bay and the Nude Olympics will not be targeted,” Dr McGovern said.

An ASP suggested amendment would give local councils the power to exempt an area from the “wilful exposure” provisions of the Summary Offences Act. A Queensland Police spokeswoman refuted the discrimination claims, saying officers made unbiased decisions based on the act’s definition of wilful exposure.

Source: Noosa News

Curators note: I don’t think it helps that the group taking the lead in dealing with this is called the Australian Sex Party

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  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Wow! ! That’s just not smart at all !!

  2. casuallybuff says:

    Agree with curator’s comment. Inappropriate name!

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