a family of clothes free farmers

Family of nudist farmers reveal: ‘The cows watch us ploughing in the nude!’

Colin, 64, his wife Carol, 60, their daughter Angela, 35 and son Tom, 38, naked farming is, quite simply, a way of life.

Angela says: “I’m sure people think it’s odd to be naked in front of their parents, let alone farming too.

“But in my opinion clothes are only there to keep you warm, so as soon as it’s hot enough we take them off – whatever we are doing.

“To me it’s perfectly normal. I find it weird that people equate nudity with sex.”

And so far there have been very few mishaps with the nudity on the farm.

Colin explains: “There are a few things you simply can’t do naked – like crop spraying as you need to wear protective clothing.

“And obviously if I’m in an area with lots of nettles and thistles then it makes sense to wear clothes.

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