All nudes is good nudes?

Originally this was going to be an opinion piece about celebrity nudity and the observed tendency of some in the nudist community to glam on to every celebrity nude picture that emerges as good news for the nudist cause. But that will come later maybe in a part 2 follow-up to this post. It seems the issue is much bigger than just celebrities and points to an underlying issue that seems prevalent the in the online nudist community. That is the idea which seems to be held by some that any nude picture is a good thing simply because it shows a person naked. I will use the term nudist instead of naturist or clothes free throughout because that is how most of those I observed tend to describe themselves.

The “all nudes are good nudes” phenomenon seems to emanate exclusively from guys who call themselves nudists. It seems that the naked body is the primary expression of nudism.  In this perspective simple nakedness pictured, no matter where the photooriginated whether porn site or voyeur taken photo, is good news. Somehow, these photos, usually of young white women, though not exclusively, are deemed  the premier way of expressing the nudist way.

It seems  that for these people being naked in and of itself is the standard for validating the real nudists. Nudity or nakedness is all one can get out of those pictures, (which only occasionally include the men themselves). The story of the person behind the picture is not usually told and seems unnecessary as long as the person pictured is naked all is good. Furthermore some seem to believe that anyone who doesn’t care to be photographed nude or have those photos be public is suffering from “nude shame”. This shame is perceived to be the real issue because all nudes are good nudes, even if a person was photographed nude against their will (which, by the way, is a crime).

I mentioned at the beginning that this perspective has been observed exclusively from men. I have not observed any women expressing this view, just the opposite. Why does this observation matter?  Well because it impacts the participation of both men and women in social nudism. Recently the&owner of a clothing optional resort  posted about the challenges faced by resorts accommodating single males on the resort site. The question arises: If this is the perspective of these guys online, what is one to expect in person?

Another matter of concern comes from the efforts of two national organizations, British Naturism and the American Association for Nude Recreation, to invite more women to explore social nudism. The campaign is designed to encourage greater participation of women. It seems to me described perspective observed by a woman would be enough to torpedo any such campaign. So, I sought a woman’s view, and what follows is only a small part of her response .

This is why nobody wants to join naturism

The thing that all these people, all these guys are missing is that they think that they’re promoting something by saying that women should not be ashamed about their nudity that they should be out there that just give it all away

But it’s not about that the point is about choice

This has been my problem with so many of the guys in the community from the very start is that they never treat people with enough respect to allow them to choose.

And it makes me think that they don’t really and truly believe in women owning their own bodies and making their own choices they still want to tell us and everyone else what we ought to be doing

They are still for dominating, controlling,

Will guys ever actually care about us? Rather than care about being right?

Why would anyone feel comfortable being in a group that’s 80% male if they know that whole 80% is gonna have something to say about them? Why would anyone feel comfortable?

Granted that was just one woman’s view though it one of the women who actively practices clothes free life, who I trust to help me not get it twisted when it comes to women’s issues. The  observed perspective could be determined to be pure boorish male behavior. However, the impact could be far reaching. It seems to this male dunderhead that there are two essential aspects of naturism/clothes free living missing from the perspective of some of the men in the online nudist community. Choice and respect. Respecting the choice of those of us who choose to live clothes free is something we ask of others. Respecting others enough to let them choose how to engage in an expression of social nonsexual nudity that is right for them is something we should endeavor to do. It’s a conversation beginning to emerge in the blogosphere.

No matter how you self-identify, if something feels off to you or makes you feel uncomfortable, make the choice that supports you. You are the only one who matters.  @hontouniheart

One of the main ingredients for making naturism happen is nudity. But the key ingredient is respect.

Our editor @hontouniheart shared the importance as a woman to have the ability to choose how she will interact online, in social nudity and everyday life.  Naturist author Will Forest, just raised the principle of respect as an important value in online and other social nudism interaction. This isn’t about being politically correct or muzzling  thoughts as some would  suggest. Rather it is remembering that words do matter and thoughts are the foundation of our actions.

“As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains.” ― James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

A slogan that we have been sharing for a few months now sums it up for me.

“Inside every clothes free body is a human being”

Will we dare to take the time to see and respect the human being inside the body?

In my  part 2 follow-up I’ll explore the fascination with celebrity nudity.

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