are legal challenges to Mazo beach closing coming?

Wisconsin naturists threaten to sue over nude beach closing

Nudist or “naturist” groups were quick to condemn the surprise closure.

Jim Dickey, 61, who leads the Badger Naturists and Friends of Mazo Beach groups, said he’s worked with the DNR for years to keep the beach open, meeting both before and after the season.

“We have continually — the regulars — self-policed the littering, the behavior,” Dickey said. “My understanding is that it’s progressively gotten better through the years.”

But Dickey said it’s impossible to completely monitor behavior at the beach.

“We’re part of the general population. It’s just like people using state parks or Camp Randall (Stadium, on the UW campus.) There’s a few that break the law, but do you close Camp Randall?”

Source: Twin Cities Pioneer Press

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