artist Golub suspended by Facebook for posting his art

# Suspended by Facebook

For a while (about a year ago or so) I was fixated on “nipple shadow”. I had been suspended for the most minor evidence of a female nipple. I began going through my photos and removing the shadow on Photoshop (which is pretty easy) before posting on Facebook. This always made me feel uncomfortable because I felt like I was participating in something ugly. Somehow women without nipples was okay. It wasn’t just that I was hiding the nipples, but I was removing them, as if they didn’t exist. Ironically, nobody ever commented on any of these photos, saying that it was creepy. (Since then I have decided that the mosaic feature on Photoshop is best because it keeps the censors at bay without creating this creepy illusion).

I also don’t like the idea of discussing Facebook or any oppressive force in my art or my postings because I feel what I’m saying is far more important than the idea of whether or not it should be allowed. It’s bad enough that these barriers exist. I don’t want to use the free speech that I do have to discuss them (yes, I am aware that I am doing this right now).

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