Do celebrity nude pics help the naturist/nudist cause

Kim Kardashian attempted to “break the internet again today posting censored nude pics on Instagram and Twitter.

You can google them if you wish but we decided not to post them but rather ask the question is this kind of celebrity nudity helpful to naturism and clothes free living

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7 thoughts on “Do celebrity nude pics help the naturist/nudist cause”

  1. Ivan Akirov says:

    People tend to follow celebrities as role models, so celebs, female and male, posting nude pictures of themselves, when in a non-erotic, everyday-life style, say to “normal” people: “hey, do you know what? It is not big deal to be naked, or to let people know you like to be naked (at home, on vacation, with others)”. Even when they issue photo sets from a studio, like those from Miley Cyrus, and even if they do it just to be on the spotlight for a while, they tell people “own your body, show yourself nude if you like, do not be ashamed of your body”, mostly if they keep the trend of forcing un-photoshopped pictures to go out instead of retouched ones. Of course, pictorials on Playboy (well, maybe not anymore) or similar media may not send those messages because of the strongly controlled environment and retouching most of those media use.

    1. I think you may be on to something with differentiating of pics nonsexual versus tittilating but I don’t know who get to decide which is which. Not convinced western societies are equipped to do that.

  2. jovan1984 says:

    I don’t think that naked pics from famous people help our cause at all, because many of those pics are from a controlled environment, people sexualize celebs, and they are hardly ever outside in public, where such photos would have far more power (since Los Angeles County unconstitutionally bans public nudity).

  3. casuallybuff says:

    Yes. Tasteful and natural pictures of naked celebrities say ‘It’s OK to be naked’. Even publicity-aimed photos do to a certain extent. Supportive words from celebrities about being naked – in public or at home – are positive for naturism too. Young and old are interested to greater or lesser extent by what celebrities say and do. If that message says nudity is OK, then people become more accepting of nudity. And that’s good. Not all may be sufficiently influenced to the extent that they get naked themselves, but winning hearts and minds is positive.

  4. avatar njnudist says:

    Not unless they specifically say they’re posting to support nudism/naturism. Otherwise, it’s merely more media “Look at ME!” nonsense to promote their personal brand.

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