Hawaii nude beach goers and local residents at odds

Residents, swimmers clash over ‘clothing optional’ beach

Polo Beach in Mokuleia has long been known as a “clothing optional” beach, a fact that angers area homeowners.

Denise Kuehu and other residents say the nudity has gotten out of hand, and that public decency laws should be enforced to keep beachgoers clothed.

“It’s been going on for so long that we’re basically getting tired that we don’t have anybody from the government or the state helping us out on this,” she said.

But Polo Beach regulars like RoAnne Gatt say they’re not bothering anyone, and they want to officially designate the beach as a nude sunbathing site.

“If there are families who do walk past, we do put on something to hide our genitals,” she said. “We are respectful of families who do stroll across the beach.”

Richard Spacer, of the Naturist Action Committee, is behind the push to make Polo Beach clothing optional

Source: Hawaii News Now

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  1. Bare Beach Bum 3 years ago

    We have to stop worrying about not offending everyone in society. Someone is always going to be offended about something. What happened to just don’t look or go? Rap offends me but do I demand that it be taken off every radio station, not played in clubs, or that I don’t hear it in public spaces? No, even though I’d like to. People need to be thicker skinned realize that if they don’t like something that they should ignore it not ban it.

  2. bradfilippone 3 years ago

    I can see how a clothing optional beach must be shocking to families that don’t have genitals.

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