interview with tim chizmar actor, comedian and producer of bare with us the movie

Tim Chizmar is a man of many talents and a true nudist. Chizmar has hosted naked comedy shows;he is an advocate for body positivity He is an on camera personality for clothes free news. He has written screenplays and acted in movies, done stand up comedy (clothed and clothes free), a true man about town. Chizmar latest project is a nudist comedy, he took time to answer a few questions about the project for CFL this week.


Tim Chizmar nudist and man of many talents

CFL – Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about your upcoming movie project Bare With Us. Looking at your resume you have a rich and diverse experience in show business from stand up comedy to movies how did you get started?

TC – Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to reach out to your readers. I grew up in a rough spot (as many comedians do) and thus comedy was an outlet for me to not take things too seriously. My parents are both convicted felons.. I’ll leave it at that as not to bum you out. I dabbled in theatre, ran a radio station, worked in professional wrestling, sold a screenplay, got into standup which lead to some tv/film work- my time promoting and performing in fully nude standup shows with a fully nude audience has been most rewarding and authentic to me.

CFL – It’s also clear that your are an authentic nudist tell us about your nudist journey?

TC – I’ve always felt right about nudism. Heck I was born naked, how about you? I was in college when I started modeling for art classes and realizing there was a community that thought as I do. My first resort was White Thorn Lodge in Darlington PA. Once I graduated from college with my BA I moved to sunny Southern California and discovered lots of nudist resorts and a few nude beaches, non landed clubs etc. I’m home!! My favorite places and groups are SCNA, Clothing Optional Home Network, Glen Eden Sun Club, Blacks Beach Bares, NITOC, Vita Nuda.. I could go on and on!! Plus we have a great WNBR every year!!!

CFL – By way of further introduction to our readers who may not know you. You have done a lot in terms nudism and show biz from your broadcasts on Clothes Free News to your nude comedy shows tell our readers a bit about that.

TC – It’s an authentic way to show my support for body freedom while having the chance to be silly. I say: love every body.

imageCFL – Why a movie now? What was the motivation behind Bare With Us?

TC – Corky at Clothesfree and I realized that my live standup shows are regional and this is a way to show it to fans all over the world. But only if we hit out goal!!!

CFL – The tag line for Bare With Us is “Not for the clothes-minded” a nice play on words. Is there a message you want to share through this movie?

TC – Yes the villain of the movie played by DYLAN BRODY a talented comedian that opens for David Sedaris, is a Dean trying to outlaw nudity at an Arts College. The message is in America we are pro violence and swearing but freak out about the most basic human right.. To be ourselves. Honest open real..

CFL – What do you hope folks will take away from the movie when they get to see it?

TC – That nude is an option. That you don’t have to be in your 60’s to discover nudism! Seems like nudist communities skew older because it takes us that long to realize it doesn’t matter what people think about you. Don’t live your live for other people. Try it. Live.

CFL – On your Twitter feed you mention some of the actors who will be in Bare With Us, Lahna Turner, Julianna Acosta to name a couple. How did you find actors to play the roles in the upcoming movie?

TC – Over the years of the naked comedy tours we’ve had various headliners. I took a survey of over 600 fans and cast based on their recommendations. Katie Hall and I came in tops, she has a history of having starred in the disappointing “nudist film” Act Naturally. I say disappointing because it did not embrace nudist as folks were sold on it doing at the beginning, instead it treated nudists like an Austin Powers skit with placed objects, clipboards in front of genitals, etc. this film we are shooting is authentic and not be a cash grab. I recommend seeing MASLIN BEACH as a truer nudist comedy, we will be closer to that one, Katie and I are excited to show what a real nudist film is like.

The cast of Bare with Us

The cast of Bare with Us

CFL – Why did you choose these actors? Are they nudists as well?

TC – They have performed nude on my shows. They are nudists or appreciate the cause and wish to promote it. Lahna had spent time as a photographer on a nudist project, Juliana is a proud nudist, Kevin loves the freedom, etc.

imageCFL – I noticed that the movie is also being co-produced by and will be distributed though their web site. What can you tell us about this partnership?

TC – Corky and I go way back. I love his site and what it promotes. He and I share a legit vision to make the world a better place for body freedom and no shaming. Love Every Body.

CFL – You are launching a crowd funding campaign to find making the movie, can you give us some details on that?

TC – Yes- it’s fixed which means if we do not hit the minimum goal then we receive nothing, that’s to show how serious we are and that’s it’s not just a scam or something, also if we do not hit the goal we do not make the movie so we are asking people to meet us halfway. Once it’s completed we are giving it away for free to be viewed on

CFL – Is the crowd funding campaign the best way for our readers to support this project?

TC – It’s the only option! Nudists aren’t rich so we can only make it happen as a team.

CFL – I hope you will keep us updated as the project progresses maybe you’ll be a guest on our weekly podcast. Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

TC – Please share and spread the word, if you can donate a pledge that’s cool but letting like-minded folks hear about us is very helpful at this stage. Thank you again for the opportunity. ~Stay Naked

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