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My clothes free life the online social network for those exploring and engaging the clothes free living continues to be developed. The first stage of testing is now complete. Our first beta testers tried all the rich features like customizes profiles with cover photos, photo sharing, discussion forums, interest groups, blog posts and the latest news for this magazine. They tested for speed and reliability.  

Now it’s time to take it to the next step. We will be inviting a group of our best commenter’s on this site, our most frequent  retweeters  and lickers on Twitter and Instagram to join the site as VIP invites. We are asking our VIP invites to keep doing what they already do. Share updates, blogs, and photos on my clothes free life, tweet, blog and about  the my clothes free life experience. So keep a look out in your mailbox. 

After you’ve received your invite follow the links to to complete your registration to get started. If you aren’t one of the BIP to receive an invite don’t worry sign up at to be updated when it’s ready to launch. It’s you just can’t wait! Then email us and tell us why you’d like to be a part of the my clothes free life community right now. 

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