Project Runway All Stars recap: ‘Birthday Suits’

Project Runway All Stars has finally done it. They’ve figured out a way to make us giggle through an entire episode. As if 10 naked men and women standing next to Alyssa on the runway weren’t bad enough, the producers also had them walking around that whole place nude! But don’t call them nudists — they prefer “naturists.” I’m not going to body-shame these people; if they’re happy being in their natural state, good for them. But that doesn’t mean that when I see designers trying to take measurements of nude people, I won’t giggle like a 12-year-old. That is just funny.

Or maybe not funny for Alyssa. As she introduces the naturists and explains the challenge to the designers, she keeps a very straight face: She acts like it’s no big deal that she’s surrounded by 10 people in the buff. She even thanks them for doing this because she loves how it promotes a healthy body image. Alyssa is better than all of us.  

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