Nudist Clubhouse Hacked

As reported previously on this site and Young Naturists of America the nudist website known as Nudist Clubhouse has been down since at least  Thursday March 3rd. According to their website they were hacked lats week by a cyber terrorist in Ukraine.

Allegedly the hacker managed to download the website’s user database which contains private date of most of it’s members. This private data may include: usernames, passwords, pictures, genders, dates of birth, e-mails, phone numbers, physical addresses as well as private messages.

There are reports that some members have received extortion e-mail from the hackers. The message sent by the hackers include, threats to release the information to the public unless the user pays them about $3 or .01 bitcoin.

It is urged that no one pays the hackers because it doing so simply rewards them and encourage future acts of cyber terrorism. Even if you do pay them who’s to say that they won’t release your information to the public anyways. It’s very unlikely that these hackers have any morals or ethics.

It’s been reported that the hackers are also demanding a sum of money from the Nudist Clubhouse website owners in exchange for not releasing members data. We are unaware of how Nudist Clubhouse has handled the demands.

It’s unclear at this time when Nudist Clubhouse will come back or what they are doing to secure their website against future hacks like this.

Personally, I would be very cautious sharing too much personal data on nudist website or online in general as any website is prone to being hacked if the hackers want to do so bad enough.

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