Nudist Clubhouse Website Was Hacked By Cyber Terrorist

Social Networking Site “Nudist Clubhouse” Was Hacked With Members’ Personal Data Stolen Nudist Clubhouse, a nudist forum / social network website, has been down since at least Thursday, March 3rd. According to their website, they were hacked last week by a “cyber terrorist in Ukraine.” Allegedly, the terrorist hacker managed to download the website’s …

Source: Nudist Clubhouse Website Was Hacked By Cyber Terrorist

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  1. We really need to have some robust discussions about the difference between openness regarding one’s clothes free life status VS. data security and smart practices for protecting personal data. Comments on that piece, too, seem to reflect that people think of the issue in terms of openness about one’s status, when it’s really not about that, at least not entirely. The bigger issue is about data security.

    For instance, I have chosen my general clothed life presence on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and all that, but I don’t share a ton of personal information on there either. I’m open about certain things, such as work and the fact that I love penguins, but I don’t store a full combination of address, date of birth, even interests that could trigger answers to security questions associated with bank accounts and so forth on those platforms either.

    This issue isn’t necessarily just about “people finding out whether we are nudists” though that might be part of it. It’s also about general concerns around smart practices that apply to any part of life, and how we as individuals need to be mindful about what we toss out there, as well as how site owners have to really stay on top of the tech security / updates, etc. In my opinion, it’s tempting to be ultra free, open and trusting, because we’re like “yaaasssss clothes freedom!!! naturism!!! woot!” but we still have to be mindful about our information. As this situation has shown, we are not separated and immune.

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